Because we believe in the inherent worth of each human being, Signpost International exists to help people in need, not taking into account any other factors such as ethnicity, faith, or lack of it: our aim is to support people as they strive towards independent, fulfilled lives.

We work through co-operation and partnership. Twenty years of working with poor communities has taught us that poor people are the true experts on the realities of poverty. We therefore tailor our work according to their voice and their concerns: lasting solutions can never be imposed on communities from the outside.

It is not enough to change the life of an individual, we want to change the environment in which they live. Because of this Signpost International works through community development: communities moving ‘step by step’ and others working with them ‘side by side’ to improve living conditions and create lasting change.

When development is seen only as the provision of tangible things like water tanks, roads or school buildings, poor communities become passive recipients. We affirm the existing knowledge and skills of the communities where we work, and they are active participants in the process of change. Ultimately community development is about the capacity of the community to change themselves, and develop their community in a way that is sustainable. At the end of the day a sustainable community can manage their future without relying on outside help – this is our goal!

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