Child Sponsorship

There are millions of children affected by poverty in our world today. Weakened and sick from insufficient food and unsafe drinking water, the lack of an education makes it even more difficult for these children to break free from the cycle of poverty.

At Signpost International two decades of experience has shown us that child sponsorship is key to breaking free from the poverty trap. And, for less than 70 pence a day, your sponsorship will help provide a child with life-changing access to education, clean water, nutritious food and health care.

Building Healthy Communities

But it is not enough to change the life of an individual; we want to change the environment in which they live. Your sponsorship will therefore be used to bring change to the life of your child’s community, funding vital community based projects that include:

sponsorship launch
  • Livelihood skills training
  • Income generating opportunities
  • Provision of infrastructure such as sanitation, clean water and electricity
  • Community healthcare initiatives
  • Food security programmes

Signpost International and our local partners work with the sponsored children’s communities over the long term, addressing their critical needs and helping these communities to become self-sustaining.

What Happens When I Sponsor A Child?

You can sponsor a child with Signpost International from just £18 a month. You will receive:

philippines child sponsorship
  • A welcome pack with a photograph and information about your child and their community
  • The opportunity to receive and write letters and postcards, and to send birthday and Christmas cards to your child
  • Annual updates on your child’s progress
  • The chance to change a life forever!
Sponsor a child now!

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