Meet Jesusana…

Jesusana suffers from polio which has weakened her legs.


Because of her disability she finds it difficult to walk on the flimsy bamboo walkways that bridge the tidal waters surrounding her Filipino home. She needs to be accompanied if she wants to go out of the house but, because her husband is at work and her children are at school, she spends most of her time alone.

When Signpost International and the local community started to build concrete walkways next to the block of houses where the Garnica family lives, Jesusana’s life was transformed.

Tackling Problems

“The local community were really anxious to tackle one of the biggest issues of their poor neighbourhood,” says Signpost staff member, Jairus Broce.
“The bamboo deteriorates and causes accidents,” he explains. “There are at least ten accidents a month as people fall into the river below – and ten fatalities a year. These are mostly children, the elderly and people with limited mobility.”

Local residents worked with Signpost International to build sturdy concrete walkways right into the heart of their community, getting involved in the construction and financing of the project through a community saving scheme.

Mobile At Last

The concrete walkway and the purchase of a special quad cane have now given Jesusana Garnica a much-longed for independence, and have freed her from having to stay at home.

She says proudly, “My long time wish has come true – now I can walk freely by myself.”
“My life is different now!”

If you would like to help Signpost International to help more people like Jesusana, then please donate here.

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