Meet Josephine…

For the past couple of years Signpost International has been helping Josephine Sebuliba to grow a successful, Josephine Sebulibasustainable small business.

Water Supplier

Armed with a small amount of seed capital and some business skills training, Josephine invested in a good supply of new plastic jerry cans. She is now able to sell and distribute drinking water around her local neighbourhood and business is booming, particularly during Uganda’s dry season.

“In the heat people need more water for their cattle and crops, as well as for drinking and washing,” says Josephine. “I am very happy because my profits are good!”


Now Josephine has joined a group of other parents that Signpost has helped to set up in business. Members bring in a minimum of 10,000 Ugandan shillings of their business profits every week – around £2.50 – to put into the group’s savings scheme. Called the ‘cash round’ project, this allows these business entrepreneurs to build up a pot of money that will boost their businesses with an injection of capital whenever they need it.

Over the past few months Josephine has managed to save almost £60 in this way – an amazing achievement!


Because her water business brings in a regular income, Josephine has been able to apply for a bank loan and has now bought a small piece of land. With her husband’s help, Josephine plans to use her savings to build huts on the land that she can rent out, using the rental income to pay for her children’s schooling.

“This is the best thing I can do with my business profits!” says Josephine. “Investing in my children’s education gives them a better chance of a future without poverty.”

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