Building Communities

graffiti One-third of the UK’s population live alone. It is a sad statistic, particularly since studies show that social isolation – the sense that you have nobody to have close contact with – doubles the chances of sickness or death.

Community cohesion is the glue that holds us together, and being part of a wider community makes us happier. It is also an essential platform for diverse groups of people to begin to talk about some of the social issues that we see in our communities today.

Signpost International is committed to helping facilitate and organise community events that bring people together through community festivals, helping to involve local people in decision-making processes and by developing creative approaches to encourage communities to generate ideas for community planning.

Building community is about…

  • Igniting community spirit
  • Enabling people who live alone to feel happier, closer and friendlier
  • Inspiring local people so that they can change their community for good, forever
  • Conquering shyness, opening our curtains, doors and minds, and looking out for others the way we used to
  • Sharing stories, skills and tools, so we all end up richer in every sense
  • Discovering common ground across age, class, faith, race and the garden fence, reminding ourselves that charity begins at home or – at most – a couple of doors away.
community garden
community garden

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